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Residential HIS Home Inspection Service in Miami

As if the price of real estate was not enough to scare a buyer on a budget, after you calculate closing costs it is human nature to start looking for places that you can save money on! Unfortunately having your real estate property not professionally inspected is not one of them. Avoiding a money pit is one of the many reasons to hire a home inspector. Because your home is one of the most significant purchases one will ever make, you will find that a home inspection is an inexpensive way to discover the overall condition of it at the time of the purchase.

Many people fall in love with a home primarily because of its looks. However, there’s more to a house than just appearance. Dueling consists of a lot of complex components and systems including structural framing, physical components, electrical and plumbing, as well as HVAC (heating and air conditioning).

When considering a home for purchase, especially if it is your first, many people can settle for minor cosmetic repairs and imperfections, but you need to make sure that everything aside from the appearance is in good working order. This is why an extensive home inspection is both valuable and necessary.

At HIS Home Inspection Service, we’ll treat you future home like if we were moving our family into it! We believe that attention to details is imperative to the home inspection business and why we have stuck with a loyal clientele of not only homeowners but of real estate agents and brokers alike.