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HIS Home Inspection Services a Commercial & Residential Inspection Company in Miami

HIS Inspection is a property leading inspections company, successfully performing home, building and commercial inspection services in Miami, Broward & throughout the country.

Founded with the goal of providing the best quality, the best price and the highest standard of professionalism in the South Florida real estate inspection industry, HIS Home Inspection Service, has quickly become a leading Commercial & Residential Inspection Company in Miami.

Mario D. Tarasiuk has been very successful in the property inspection business due in part to his extensive knowledge of the home building process. During the late 80s, he managed a company in Silver Springs, Maryland, where he successfully directed the building of many residential home projects and was directly responsible for managing and assuring quality performance of all workers and developments. Since then he has managed several construction projects for various companies and worked in all phases of construction and remodeling in both residential and commercial properties.

As a Licensed Inspector with many years of experience in the business, Mario founded HIS Home Inspection Service in 2011 and is proud of having completed and filed many reports promptly. Among other credentials, Mr. Tarasiuk is an Instructor, approved in 2012 by DBPR to teach the 120-hour pre-licensing course for Home Inspection at Florida Training Schools. There he trains others who are trying to get into the business.

Commercial & Residential Inspection Company in Miami

Don’t buy a house, building or warehouse without a proper inspection from a certified Florida property inspector. Save yourself from major headaches by hiring a professional to make sure that the residential or commercial property you want to buy is in the right condition for buying. A small investment in a property inspection could lead to thousands of dollars saved in the long run.

We know that there are many commercial and residential inspection companies in Miami. However, if you take into consideration everything HIS Home Inspection Service, offers, you will understand why our clients so highly recommend us! Take a look at everything from our experience, training, and qualification; HIS Home Inspection Service is a commercial or residential inspection company ready and willing to serve you!